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At Meadowbrook Respiratory and Nursing Center, we understand that the journey to Cardiac Care recovery after illness, surgery, or injury is a crucial and often challenging process. Our Subacute Rehabilitation program is designed to provide top-of-the-line clinical care, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized approach to your recovery journey.

Our first step involves thorough cardiac assessments and diagnostics, meticulously designed to unveil the intricacies of your cardiovascular well-being.

Through this process, we identify specific cardiac conditions and risk factors, allowing us to tailor a precise care plan that meets your unique needs. Our collaborative effort continues as you engage with our rehabilitation experts to create a personalized cardiac rehabilitation program. This program encompasses structured physical and occupational therapies aimed at enhancing your cardiovascular fitness and overall well-being. At Meadowbrook, we provide not only exceptional cardiac care but a seamless and holistic experience focused on your heart health.

Comprehensive Cardiac Care Services:

Event Recovery:
  • Receive dedicated support for post-cardiac event recovery, whether it be a heart attack, cardiac surgery, or other cardiovascular conditions.
  • Benefit from specialized rehabilitation to optimize recovery and enhance your heart health.
Blood Pressure
  • Implement effective blood pressure management strategies to support cardiovascular health.
  • Learn lifestyle modifications and receive medication management as needed to maintain optimal blood pressure levels.
Lifestyle Education:
  • Explore heart-healthy lifestyle choices through comprehensive education programs.
  • Receive nutrition, exercise, and stress management guidance to promote long-term heart health.

Our Cardiac Care program is designed to address cardiovascular conditions and foster a heart-healthy lifestyle. Your journey to cardiovascular well-being begins with our dedicated team, committed to enriching your life through compassionate and comprehensive cardiac care.

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