Driving Respiratory Care
Distinction Through
Clinical Excellence

Poised at the apex of lung health innovation in NJ, Meadowbrook Respiratory and Nursing Center propels leading-edge ventilator management and weaning, award-winning cardiopulmonary expertise, and robust post-operative rehabilitation.

Core Services Aligned to Each Patient's Care Journey:

  • Specialized 22-Bed Ventilator Weaning Unit
  • Physician Led Pulmonary Care Offering a Full Spectrum of Lung Health Support
  • 24-Hour Respiratory Therapist Onsite
  • High Flow Oxygen Management
  • CPAP, BiPAP & Trilogy
  • Post-Operative Services Providing Hospital Transitioning Care Pathways
  • Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy
    Accessible Across All Settings
  • Integrative Healing Options Through Leading
    Respiratory Therapies

Specialty Services:

Under the direction of our Pulmonologist and Physician’s Assistant, our Respiratory Therapy team offers a range of specialized services. We are committed to weaning from ventilators when appropriate and conducting bedside weaning parameters along with pulse oximetry and CO2 capnography to monitor residents’ progress. In-house services include trach tube changes, downsizing, and removal.

Dedicated Staff
of Professionals:

Our Vent Unit is managed by a dedicated staff comprising three teams: a nurse, a respiratory therapist, and a certified, vent-trained nurse assistant. All respiratory therapists are board-certified and licensed in the state of New Jersey.

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With open arms, our center leverages the height of biomedical advances to deliver refined trajectories for all ready to breathe easier thanks to our stewardship.

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